Website Logo Design Basics

Logo Design Concept

Logo is an identity of your company, Business or Institute. Logo is a graphic representation of your company attitude, values and ethics. Logo can be a picture, Text or combination of both graphics and text. Deciding about a professional Logo design involves some aspects :

1. What type of public image you want your Logo to create about your company?

2. What are your Goals?

3. What is the attitude to achieve those business goals?

4. Groath strategy.

5. color scheme.

6. Size of Logo and various types of usage of that Logo, Like sign board, website design, business card design, letterhead design, Banner Design, Flyer Designing, Brochure designing etc.

Now that you have decided the aforesaid points , you can choose the software to use.

Its not that you can not just take paint and brush and paint the logo on the canvas. You can certainly do that but thing is you want to make your logo as versatile as possible so as to use it as business Logo at different places like visiting card to website logo.

You can choose from



corel draw

and other. There is different characteristic of different softwares. photoshop is good for layered logo having graphics.

Illustrator is good for artistic drawing segments in your Logo.

Corel draw is mainly used for vector logo and path layout designs of logo.

We shall discuss now advantage of Vector Logo design…


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