Website Logo Design Basics

Logo Design Concept

Logo is an identity of your company, Business or Institute. Logo is a graphic representation of your company attitude, values and ethics. Logo can be a picture, Text or combination of both graphics and text. Deciding about a professional Logo design involves some aspects :

1. What type of public image you want your Logo to create about your company?

2. What are your Goals?

3. What is the attitude to achieve those business goals?

4. Groath strategy.

5. color scheme.

6. Size of Logo and various types of usage of that Logo, Like sign board, website design, business card design, letterhead design, Banner Design, Flyer Designing, Brochure designing etc.

Now that you have decided the aforesaid points , you can choose the software to use.

Its not that you can not just take paint and brush and paint the logo on the canvas. You can certainly do that but thing is you want to make your logo as versatile as possible so as to use it as business Logo at different places like visiting card to website logo.

You can choose from



corel draw

and other. There is different characteristic of different softwares. photoshop is good for layered logo having graphics.

Illustrator is good for artistic drawing segments in your Logo.

Corel draw is mainly used for vector logo and path layout designs of logo.

We shall discuss now advantage of Vector Logo design…

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Search Engine Optimization Basics

First Step Of  Website SEO

Once your website is ready. Your real worry starts. How to increase its position in search engines like Google Yahoo and MSN. The wise decision is to embed SEO of your website at design level by making SEO friendly website.

You should incorporate your SEO strategy into the site planning process long before your site goes live. Your strategy should be well defined much before you make even the most basic technology choices, such as the hosting platform and your CMS. However, this is not always possible—and in fact, most of the time an SEO professional will be given the work on a site that already exists. No matter where you start, there are a number of major components to any SEO plan that you need to address long before you research the first title tag.

Few factors to consider before SEO

Your SEO strategy can also be influenced by your competitors’ strategies, so understanding what they are doing is a critical part of the process for both SEO and business intelligence objectives. There are several scenarios you may deal with
• The competitor discovers a unique, highly converting some keywords.
• The competitor discovers a targeted, high-value link.
• The competitor saturates a market segment, justifying your focus elsewhere.
• Weaknesses appear in the competitor’s strategy, which provide opportunities for
Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your competition from an SEO perspective is a significant part of devising your own SEO strategy.

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Welcome to website design tutorial by Zephyr Effects

Zephyr Effects Logo


We can not wait to share the website design basic concepts with you. Lets start…

The process of web site creation is better known as web development.

When you create a website, you will obviously like to attract visitors to visit that.   All the elements in your site should be properly placed so that they add up to the final look of it and have some website theme. Graphics and  content should go well hand in hand and match up with the theme of your site. Web site Designing Tutorial helps you to design, and make  your website appear equally attractive on desktops, tablets and  smart phones and mobiles.

1. First Step to create your own website

The very first step towards website designing is to register a domain name for your company or business. The user name should be indicative or hinting about your business or profession. For a flower shop domain name of is indicative. This will help website to rank well in search engine results. names can end with .com, .org, .in , .biz, .uk etc. Actually it wont matter for the search engines only thing is that .com is more apprehending for the people searching the web. You can opt for domain names ending with .in , .org etc if you don’t get .com. Domain ending with indicates its government setup. domains ending with .edu hints that its a educational website. Likewise indicates it has relation with website designing company in mumbai because zephyr effects is a company name.

2. Second step to create your own website–

After you have registered a domain name you can rent a website space on some server. Server space is available from various Hosting services. Generally website space is available on yearly rental basis. Web hosting services provide limited space(some GBs ) or unlimited space. Web hosting servers are like big computers having very large hard disk. You get a small portion of that hard disk. Main advantage of server is that hosting providers keep those big computers running all the time and have provision of uninterrupted power to the servers and they also have provision to back up your data at regular interval. So we can say that our website files are stored on a safe computer hard disk and those files and so your website is available to the visitors of your website. There are many quality affordable website hosting services available to choose from. To identify a good server providing value for money hosting service requires thorough study of various aspects. To list some of them:

– Server up time. This term describes the stability of a server and denoted in percentage of time like 99.2% up time . Higher up time tells you that there are fair chances that your website is always available to your client. So server uptime is an important parameter to decide quality web hosting service provider.

-Second important factor to decide a quality website hosting service is security and spam protection. Server should provide spam and virus protection to your website. It should also protect your website from hacking and at times it should be able to help you technically to come out of these situation and help you to restore your website. So a sound technical support for website protection should be provided by the hosting provider.

-Add-on services are another important deciding factor for quality website hosting provider. Some of the important add-on services are PHP support , ASP server support, Database support, MySQL  services, File manager, wordpress integration , e cart capability pearl, ruby on rails support, webmail services, email forwarders, free website designing software.

– Cost is another important factor. Very costly website space will not justify your money spent. At the same time you should not consider cost to be only deciding factor. If some server is providing free or very cheap web hosting but server up time is poor then it shall kill the reputation of your website. Similarly if the server is cheap but does not provide hacking and spam protection then again the purpose is defeated. So the keyword is affordable website hosting provider which give you value for money. Deciding upon the server provider is a key consideration in website designing.

Now you have registered a domain name and rented a web space you can go to next blog post to start to plan your website structure

For planing a website chalkout the layout on some paper and draw a flow diagram called map or sitemap. This big step will decide your link structure.

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